About Us

We have considerable experience in the manufacture and installation of a wide range of equipment and associated structures associated with modern plants which has been gained through involvement in projects across a wide range of industries. To know more about International Process Technologists is to know more about the work we have undertaken and the industries within which we have worked.

  • Mining Industry

    Projects include the complete installation of road heading equipment against strict time schedules.

    Routine planned maintenance of coal face equipment including, shearers, face panzer, roof supports, including all hydraulic/pneumatic equipment.

    Routine condition monitoring and vibration analysis of bearing applications and gearboxes against existing data banks as part of a predictive maintenance scheme, the aim being to achieve zero unscheduled downtime and reduced scheduled work.

    Oil debris analysis

  • Transport Industry

    Projects undertaken include the assembly and erection of escalators and associated equipment for London Underground and similar equipment for International/Regional airports, plus baggage handling. the manufacture and erection of ventilation towers and lift shafts on the Docklands Light Railway/Jubilee Line.

  • Flour and Sugar Industries

    Flour Industry

    Manufacture and Installation of precision type equipment for a number of flour mills throughout the U.K. Plant and equipment involved , included rolling mills, sifters, purifiers, together with all pneumatic conveyors, dust collection systems, control panels, auxiliary equipment and services.

    Sugar Industry

    Manufacture, installation and maintenance of plant equipment and plant maintenance services for mills throughout the UK, similar to those maintained in the flour industry plus the manufacture and installation of structural steel and hatch ways including dissolving plants for the modernisation of sugar plants.

  • Prison Service

    Work was mainly associated with the design, manufacture and erection of walkways, handrailings, doors etc as required at different locations.

  • Brewing Industry

    Projects have included the manufacture and erection of Public Houses, both structural and internal steel. Also the manufacture of structural steel for brewing plants located around the country.